Web Developer

Synergis IT

Location: Mountain View, CA

Duration: 1 yr contract + poss extension up to 2 yrs

Position Description

*** Every submission should have below completed exercise containing 2 coding exercises along with resume (inside resume or attached as separate document with their profile) Submissions without the completed exercises will be rejected ****

Our client is seeking a Web Application Developer to design, implement, and maintain web-based applications for internal business use. Sample applications may include a secured web application, a workflow website, and other internal process tools. We offer an exciting opportunity to be a key contributor in implementing new tools to increase the effectiveness of our technical services group. Your work will involve integration with backend services, write unit-tests, integration tests and pay attention to localization and accessibility. In addition, you will work with a team of engineers, UX designers, product managers, and client teams to design and implement public facing UI that is used by millions users around the world. You will need to communicate with these stakeholders, set timelines and deliver high quality code.


* Developing day-to-day maintenance of web content.

* Technical documentation writing in HTML, good presentation and code documentation.

* Fulfilling several project requests simultaneously while meeting tight deadlines.

Top 3 Daily Responsibilities: 

* Designing and quickly implementing clear, effective web applications using Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS and frontend frameworks.

* Responding to a variety of web-related requests across departments.

*Coordinating with stakeholders regarding documentantion and different tasks. 


2 screening questions and instructions below. Must be submitted at the time of submission inside smarttrack. Completed exercises submitted via email will not be considered. 

1) Java basic algorithm:

– Implement an ArrayList class of type int using primitive array int[] for internal storage. Don't need generic type.

– Provide constructor, get(int index), and append(int value) methods. Array should dynamically grow as needed.

– Provide delete(int index) method. Trailing elements should be left-shift.

Bonus question:

– Provide set(int index, int value), and briefly discuss the implications

Please submit the java class implemented.

2) Frontend Javascript question

# Problem Create the following UI:

– Create an empty container div in the HTML file.

– Programmatically create multiple child divs in the container, say 10. Use Javascript.

– Give all the child divs a black background.

– Lay out the child divs horizontally within the container.

– Whenever the user clicks one of the child divs, the child div should respond as follows:

   – If the child div does not have a blue background:

     – Give the child div a blue background.

     – Print out the child div's index. If the 7th div is getting a blue background, say “Turning ON 7”.

  – If the child div does have a blue background:

     – Give the child div it's original background color.

     – Print out the child div's index. If the 4th div is removing the blue background, say “Turning OFF 4”.

# Requirements The solution:

– Should work for 3, 10, 27, however many child divs. They do not all need to be on the same line, but they should still lay out horizontally (across multiple lines if necessary).

– Combine HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. # Submission Please include all HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files with your submission. Feel free to look online for any HTML/CSS/JavaScript code you don't know but think you need. Do not search for the problem solution.


1) BS (or MS) in computer science or the equivalent with 4+ years of industry experience.

2) 4+ years working with java backend.

3) 4+years javascript, html, css, frontend frameworks

4) We are looking for a strong front end engineer and not UX designer for this role. Strong skills with JavaScript and related frameworks is required. Backend Java skills will be essential for the role as well.


1) Understanding of java app framework

Please contact Trixie Aballa: taballa@synergishr.com 


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Synergis Creative is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer

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