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Titie: Tech Solutions Engineer

Opportunity is to work online to offline partnering eco systems; provide external providers data and these are third party partners- develop integrations to products; goal is to act a tactical consultant and coordinator for all things technical in regards to the partner; same scope would be a solutions architect, systems engineer, support engineer, etc. External facing- working w/ the partners to be available for consulting to develop integrations in a smooth manner (resolve tech issues like bugs for example), needs may differ depending on type of partner whether they be new or existing; build engineering based relationships; generation of technical artifacts (front line with the integrations and how they’re working) building integrations guides for general developer content who wants to integrate; Internal facing- working with bus development, engineer, operations to ensure partner needs are addressed and give feedback on product roadmap, etc. Goal is to improve product offering for these partner; Skills: highly technical; solutions architect, technical account manager would be helpful, 4 years experience, programming languages and web technologies (API, basic troubleshooting, HTTP, etc) communication skills- need to be comfortable talking about technical content with external partners; SQL is nice to have; location Bay Area- no travel expectation; Questions: Does this person need to support certain operating systems? Application knowledge site- more to do with APIs- rest based APIs, less to do with mobile platforms like Android or iOS- but more to do we website; Technical marketing engineers seem to be technical and apply knowledge to develop partnerships, possess the technical knowledge and utilize this to further partnership goal; If someone has technical skills but no external facing experience, would you consider this? Open to consider but generally preference that has the external consultation; How important is data integration experience? At the minimum having a solid knowledge of API and how they work, how data is transformed and uploaded is a must- does a candidate need to have large integration experience? Not necessarily, but need to be super technical and be able to hit the ground running. What technical skills should we focus on? API experience, application technologies, programming languages, coding, how do developers get onboarded onto a platform. Interview process: One technical interview (hands on coding question but troubleshooting scenarios, core concepts on technology sites; standard engineer interview) and one general interview





In this role, you will work hand-in-hand with our partners, to provide technical consulting, coordination, and problem-solving. The ideal candidate should have prior field experience working as a: Solutions Architect, Systems Engineer, Technical Marketing Engineer, or Support Engineer. You will enjoy keeping your existing technical skills honed while developing new ones, so you can make strong contributions to deep architecture discussions.



External Facing

·      For existing partners: Advise on integration strategies, API, SDK, platforms, and application infrastructure, required to successfully implement a complete O2O solution, while providing “best practice” advice to partner ecosystem

·      Resolve technical issues at root cause: Identify and document bugs and feature requests affecting partners; implement effective solutions to their problems along business-appropriate time lines; author documentation and code samples; fix product bugs and implement feature requests.

·      For new partners: Lead or be a key contributor during technology overviews and architectural discussions with partners.

·      Build deep relationships with senior technical individuals within partners to champion integrations.

·      Lead and/or coordinate the authoring / co-authoring of technical artifacts (e.g. deployment/integration guides, help center content…etc).

·      Build tools to enable partners to gain visibility into the health of a data integration(e.g. Data quality, bugs etc)

Internal Facing

·      Work hand-in-hand with Business Development Managers to address all technical needs related to our partner ecosystem

·      Strive to be a trusted advisor / go-to person, for partner-related technologies and integrations, for all cross-functional teams within product area.

·      Maintain current solutions, through the entire solution lifecycle, of assigned partners.

·      Work closely with engineers, product managers, and operations teams to improve the product.



·      Bachelor's degree in computer engineering or related field or equivalent practical experience

·      4+ years of prior work experience in similar positions (e.g. Solutions Architect, Technical Marketing Engineer, or a Support Engineer).

·      Strong demonstrable knowledge of SQL, Python or another programming language APIs, application and platform support and implementation esp with partners

·      Troubleshooting skills in common web technologies, such as HTTP, XML, FTP, SFTP

·      Comfortable talking about technical topics/issues with business people and business topics/issues with technical people

·      Able to express complex concepts in plain language to reach broader audiences

·      Excellent communication and follow-up skills, written and verbal, across internal and external organizations

·      SQL and Databases (automation, report generation, root cause analysis, writing complex queries)

·      Experience building tools that help partners see health of data integrations (e.g. data upload success)

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