Data Analyst


Our Data Analyst has 5 years of experience and is currently working at a large retailer on a short-term contract. They are actively looking for a position in Atlanta and will be available to start at the end of August.


  • Currently working for the Supplier Diversity and Inclusion team to identify areas of optimization within the company’s program.
  • Responsible for extracting all raw data for hundreds of suppliers to create a story behind those numbers and then present insights and recommendations to stakeholders.
  • Gathers, manipulates, cleanses mass amounts of data, writes SQL queries
  • Previously managed all data from 20 different hospitals, which included conducting data analysis on each hospital’s budgets; what their expenses were going towards, where to allocate budget toward, etc.

Skills & Education

  • Programming and Data Processing: PeopleSoft, EPSI, Truven ActionOI, MS Excel, MS Access, Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Project Management: Data Quality Management, Financial Planning, Strategic Decision Support, Quality and Process Improvement
  • Master of Science in Information Systems