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Are Project Management certifications worth it?

Good career development planning is about skill development. Often, when people think of skill development, they think of educational resources such as certifications.   Educational resources are important and can provide us with key information to push our careers forward, but knowledge and skill development are not the...
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What job seekers truly care about

Some have said that the “Great Rehire” is akin to throwing a pack of cards in the air. Eventually, you can put the deck back together, but not everyone will end up in the same spot.   In this job market, we’re in the “putting-the-deck-back-together” stage. I attended...
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Thinking beyond the traditional four-year degree

Back-to-school season always makes me a bit nostalgic. It transports me back to the end of summer days I spent eagerly anticipating the start of a new school year. Sadly, my kids don’t always share my enthusiasm for heading back to school.   Last week, talk of the...
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Why employers should focus on employee mental health

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month is observed each July. It is designed to bring awareness to the unique struggles of racial and ethnic minority communities regarding mental illness in the United States.   According to the HHS Office of Minority Health (OMH), racial and ethnic minorities often...
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How to best partner with your recruiter

In my 20 years of working in recruiting, I’ve come to realize that working with candidates is a lot like dating. I know that may sound strange but hear me out.   Both are relationships that take time and effort to develop. Building and maintaining relationships with my...
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How to communicate effectively at work

Some might call 'the rules' of workplace communication obvious - be polite, be engaged and choose your words carefully.   But what parameters are many offices missing the mark on when it comes to workplace interaction and how we can make it most effective? Let's talk about it…...
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Happy Juneteenth: Our National Independence Day

Juneteenth is an often-misunderstood holiday because of its complicated history. Even in the Black community, we celebrate in different ways. So, let’s clear up some of the confusion.   What is Juneteenth? The date June 19th is abbreviated as "Juneteenth." Alternate titles include Black Independence Day, Emancipation Day,...
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Intro to Content Strategy

In my role, I recruit Content Strategists on a regular basis. But many people  - candidates and hiring managers alike - are unsure what it is and why it’s important. And, even more valuable, how it plays a role in User Experience (UX).   Below are answers to...
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How to Include LGBTQ allyship into your DE&I efforts

"Don't ask, don't tell" was implemented in the military as a way to reduce any prejudice by forcing those in the LGBTQ community to keep their sexuality a secret. For some reason, that mindset translated to the corporate workforce. However, the amended version I’ve experienced is “Don't ask,...
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