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Want Better IT Talent? Take a Look at Your Interview Process!

Posted by Brian Huie on Thu, Feb 05, 2015

In today’s marketing for top IT talent, the power lies with the candidate. It is an incredible marketplace right now for talented technology professionals. For a company looking to hire for their IT projects, you are the Feb_blog_photo-1one that has to stand out and sell yourself to prospective employees. 

Its all about the process.

Times are solid for many companies and we’re seeing great growth. But when everything gets busy, things like process can get lost in the shuffle. What an awful thing to happen! Because a well-defined and -executed process can have a huge impact and greatly increase your odds of landing the best.

Heres what your interview process should look like

Maybe you’re not sure whether your interview process is driving away top IT talent. Or maybe you know it’s a bit ineffective and want to tighten things up. Either way, here are four key strategies I’ve gathered through working with many successful companies here at Synergis:

  1. Eliminate steps that arent critical to hiring. Expediting your interviewing process is essential to landing top IT talent. Take too long, and the candidate will lose interest or worse - take an opportunity with your competitor. Of course, continue with the decisions necessary for making the right hiring decision, but take a look at your process to see where you can eliminate some unnecessary steps that lengthen the process. At Synergis, we encourage our clients to get everything done in five days or less. That allows us to put the right people in the position to get the IT talent they want. Here’s a great way to eliminate unnecessary steps: Panel interviews blocked into one day lead to IT talent coming to your office once and meeting with everyone involved in the interview and hiring process. The candidate has only made on stop, and in that stop, your organization should have all the information it needs to decide whether or move onto the next step or make a hire.

  2. Be prepared. Eliminating those unnecessary steps is great, but doing your due diligence to ensure everyone is prepared is also important for a successful interview. Everyone participating in the process should have had time to review resumes and portfolios and prepare thoughtful questions to determine the best fit. Remember, you’re being interviewed by IT talent just as much as you’re interviewing them. Not only being prepared for the logistics of the interview, but also being prepared to share the details and scope of the project, are key. You want to get potential candidates excited about your organization and its projects. Keep them engaged with your employer brand and intrigued by the possibility of working with you. When we’re qualifying jobs, the Synergis team will ask our customers, “What’s your sizzle?” In other words, why would someone want to work for you? Identifying your sizzle and being prepared to demonstrate that during an interview can increase your odds of landing top IT talent substantially.

  3. Be focused on the task at hand. I talk to a lot of IT talent every day, and I have heard plenty of interview process feedback over the years. One thing that stands out as a frequent mistake by employers is a lack of focus. If you appear disinterested or distracted in general, that tells IT talent that they’re not important and you’d rather be doing something else. Who wants to feel that way during an interview? Not only does it send the wrong message, but it can also feel like your interview was a waste of time to the candidate. Remember, candidates talk and share information frequently, so any negative candidate experience not only hurts your chances with that particular professional, but potentially with everyone they know (and then some!).

  4. Dont forget communication. Ultimately, communication is key. Be honest with IT talent about timelines and your process, and share details about when they can expect to hear from you – and actually follow up when you say you will! IT talent, and people in general, take a lack of communication as a bad sign. Be honest and forthcoming about where you are in the hiring process and what candidates can expect, and you’re more likely to have IT talent that remains engaged in your interview process. Fall off the radar and cease communication, and you’re in trouble. We frequently get calls from candidates asking for feedback on their interview performance or for an update on next steps. When we can’t provide them with the information they’re looking for, candidates become disinterested and often move on. At Synergis we talk to IT talent all day, and we’re here to be your company’s advocate to them. If we get timely feedback, even a small amount, we are often able to keep a candidate engaged until you’re ready to make a hiring decision, even if it falls outside of that five-day recommendation.

Your company works hard on processes. Maybe you’re in an Agile environment for better, more efficient IT projects. Maybe your onboarding and training are fantastic. Put that same amount of energy into your interview process, and you can count on better IT talent for your team.

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