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Top 4 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Posted by Thomas Ferrer on Thu, Jun 16, 2011

In the blog post LinkedIn: More Than Just a Profile, I shared some practical tips on using LinkedIn most effectively. By being an active member in relative groups, connecting your social media outlets to your LinkedIn profile, and updating your skills and experience frequently, you stand a much better opportunity of being recognized and increase your overall visibility… but what about credibility?

Below you will find, what I consider, to be the top 4 ways to get recognized by employers and recruiters through using LinkedIn. Some of them may seem basic, but while working in the staffing industry, I have come to discover that even the slightest tactics can have significant impacts. 

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LinkedIn: More Than Just a Profile

Posted by Thomas Ferrer on Tue, Mar 22, 2011

Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has become a popular networking tool for job seekers and employers alike. Many people currently use LinkedIn as they would a job board, like CareerBuilder or Dice, by creating a profile highlighting their professional accomplishments. Only creating a LinkedIn profile is not enough - it requires interaction.
There are many tools job seekers can utilize within LinkedIn to increase their visibility. Joining applicable LinkedIn groups and participating in group discussions with other LinkedIn users are key ways to gain attention from potential employers. Within these groups, be sure to share information and news articles you find relevant and applicable to other professionals in your field. Also, do not hesitate to connect with other LinkedIn users based on similar interests and career backgrounds. In addition, LinkedIn compiles the “Top Influencers” for display weekly on the right side of each group’s page. By having this title for even one week, you can seriously increase your credibility and influence within the group.
Another method to increase your visibility is to connect your Twitter page and professional or personal blog to your LinkedIn account. Potential employers are extremely likely to click through them to get a better understanding of your professional interests and growth goals if these sites are connected. If you have these additional outlets, make sure to post frequent updates to show you enjoy learning and growing in your career. Also, similar to LinkedIn groups, these are great channels to share interesting articles and pertinent information with your connections.
Becoming an active member on LinkedIn is a great idea if you are serious about increasing your web presence. Do NOT neglect your profiles and groups once you start them!  Treat you profile as you would your resume, with consistent updates of new skills and experience. You never know who may come across your information. By practicing these easy strategies, you may end up being presented new opportunities you never thought about!

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