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Investing in Your Own Team is Key to Winning War for IT Talent

Posted by Doug Ross on Thu, Dec 18, 2014

As companies round out their 2015 workforce strategies, undoubtedly a plan for competing for the best IT talent tops the list. We know IT skills continue to increase in demand while supply is not keeping up. Heading into the New Year, two of the keys to attracting and retaining the best tech employees are providing them with professional development training and a healthy work culture.

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Five IT Hiring Mistakes

Posted by Megan Blair on Thu, May 02, 2013

Hiring a new employee for your IT Department can be a big challenge.  Getting approval, creating a well written job description and posting it on the job boards is a big task by itself.  And once you start interviewing candidates, the pressure only mounts.  You want to make sure that you’re prepared in the interview to qualify candidates to find that perfect employee.  After all, hiring a new employee is not only time consuming, it can also be a large cost to your company’s bottom line.  

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Synergis Launches New Branch In San Francisco

Posted by Megan Blair on Mon, Apr 22, 2013

Synergis has launched a new branch office in San Francisco, CA.

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4 Ways To Spot A High Quality IT Resume

Posted by Megan Blair on Fri, Apr 05, 2013

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Issues IT Managers Face: Storage

Posted by Megan Blair on Fri, Jul 06, 2012

As companies grow and expand, the amount of data contained within the company will do the same.  Emails, documents and presentations start to gather and take up room and before you know it, you're running out of space.  Asking your employees to constantly clean out their files and inboxes gets old and buying additional space and equipment can be costly.

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Issues IT Managers Face: Lack of Staff

Posted by Ryan Haynie on Thu, May 10, 2012

It’s no secret that the IT industry is a fast paced, ever-changing industry fueled by bright minds and constant innovation.  It’s also no secret that the managers responsible for facilitating that innovation and developing those bright minds play an important role in the overall development of the entire industry. These individuals are required to handle many different duties including hiring, training, employee development, project management, and budgeting,  to name a few.  Being involved in so many different areas can require managers to devise solutions to problems that arise from all directions. 

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Technical Phone Interview: How HR Professionals Can Give A Great One

Posted by Ryan Haynie on Fri, Mar 09, 2012

If you’re a human resource professional, reviewing resumes and conducting phone screens is second nature.  Unfortunately, determining qualified candidates for specialized technical positions usually proves to be more difficult than for other positions. 

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IT Industry Trends: What to Expect Now and Into the Future

Posted by Ryan Haynie on Wed, Feb 01, 2012

During his annual State of the Union address, President Obama noted that “Growing industries in science and technology have twice as many openings as we have workers who can do the job.”  Bringing this information in front of a national audience emphasizes the immediate importance of finding qualified candidates to fill specialized technology based positions. The high discrepancy between job openings and qualified candidates puts added pressure on companies to quickly seek out, qualify, and hire candidates before their competition can do so.

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Top 4 Reasons Your Company Should Be Using Cloud Computing

Posted by Megan Royalty on Wed, Nov 30, 2011

Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular with more and more companies starting to implement it.  If you're not using cloud computing yet, it's likely that you will be within the next few years.  But why has this technology taken off?  And what benefits will you see in your company from using it?  Below are the top four reasons to implement cloud computing at your organization.

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Top Five Ways to Conduct an Effective Job Interview

Posted by Megan Blair on Wed, Jul 27, 2011

Do you remember how nervous you were for your first job interview? Making sure you dressed the right way, presented yourself well, and showed up on time? Well, being on the other side of the table isn’t much easier. Sure, it may not be as nerve-racking, but now, more than ever, as a hiring manager or Human Resources professional, you need to make sure your company's interview process finds the best candidates. Follow these five steps to conducting an excellent job interview.

1. Know what you’re looking for You need to understand the position you’re trying to fill better than anyone. What are the skills required?  What is the dynamic of the team this person is being hired to fill? If you are the hiring manager, what kind of an employee would complement your skills? If you know what you’re looking for going in, it will be easier to evaluate interviewees in real time, and have a sense of where they rank afterwards.

2. Be unexpected  After you get over the small-talk, try to avoid the most predictable questions, like, “How would you describe yourself?” Instead frame a question (even as simple as that) to allow the interviewee to talk about their personal experiences, like, “Tell me about an experience that challenged your integrity and how you reacted?” Or, instead of asking, “How do you like working on a team?” ask, “When have you been on a dysfunctional team before? And what did you do to fix it?” If you can get your interview off the beaten path, it will be revealing.

3. Stay within the lines It should go without saying that as a hiring manager or Human Resources professional, you need to be aware of the legal ramifications of interviews: absolutely no asking discriminatory or derogatory questions. Contact your HR partner if you are unsure about these guidelines.

4. Represent your company well Not only does the interview screen potential applicants, it also serves as a potential employee’s first experience with a company. You should aim to be courteous and forthright about the corporate culture and department the interviewee is looking to work for. Being honest is important; if you sugarcoat the job you’re only going to ensure that there will be unhappy employees down the line.

5. Let them turn the tables  Allowing time for the interviewee to ask questions is a vital piece of a great interview you don’t want to skip. Not only does it give a chance for the interviewee to have any concerns answered, it also reveals to you what’s on their mind. The questions an interviewee asks could indicate if he or she is over concerned with salary, wary of working in a team, self-absorbed, resistant to authority or perpetually unhappy, among other characteristics.

No two interviews are the same, but if you follow these basic steps you’ll be your way to a great interview.

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