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Should IT Certifications Matter in Hiring?

Posted by Ryan Haynie on Mon, Apr 01, 2013


The rapidly evolving IT industry is one that requires organizations to hire the best talent in order to remain innovative and offer superior products or services to their customers. It could be argued that IT departments within organizations are the most instrumental in the success of the organization overall.  Because of the heavy reliance on IT for success, it’s imperative that organizations staff their IT departments with the best talent they can get their hands on. The challenge that results is hiring someone with the necessary skills to do the best job.



Specialized IT certifications have been growing in popularity recently and often serve as a requirement or strong preference for certain tech related positions.  Some would argue that these certifications are becoming commoditized and don’t necessarily translate into success in the real world, while others would claim that certifications display mastery of certain concepts. Each manager or company must decide for themselves how much weight an IT certification should play in their decision making.

 The importance of IT certifications in hiring can vary from manager to manager. Most IT decision makers would agree that certifications can be very effective in setting baseline knowledge requirements for certain positions. According to a study by CompTIA, 62% of IT managers feel strongly that IT certifications provide a base set of knowledge for certain IT positions. Even if managers don’t place high value on certifications alone, it may be in their best interest to use certifications as a standard when evaluating the pure technical knowledge of certain candidates.

 According to the same CompTIA study of IT and HR decision makers, quality of experience is the number one factor when evaluating candidates. 80 percent of those surveyed claimed this quality as a high priority in hiring, while 52 percent deemed holding IT certifications as essential. These numbers further explain the true balancing act that decision makers must exercise when choosing the best IT candidates. 

IT certifications can also display a true dedication and passion for the technologies being studied. Some managers feel that a passion for the technology is a major factor in employment decision making, and would put more value on certifications because of this reason.  Certain roles within IT can be very stressful and strenuous and having employees involved in those areas that are passionate about their work usually means a smaller chance of employee turnover. 

The true value of IT certifications can only truly be determined by the hiring managers within organizations. It is the job of the hiring manager to determine the most important aspects of the job while also determining the value that a specific certification may add to the open position. Certifications can be very beneficial for both the employee and organization, and it’s very important for the hiring manager to determine the true importance of certifications and how they can relate to success on the job.


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By: Ryan Haynie 

Ryan Haynie

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