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Retention in Technology: How to Keep Your IT Employees

Posted by Megan Blair on Mon, Mar 25, 2013

Retention in technologyYour IT department is an integral part to your organization.  It’s not only a department; it’s a resource that your company depends on to run successfully.  

But as technology continues to change and evolve, your employees will change with it.  And as competitors and other companies expand their IT departments, you risk losing your employees to higher salaries, better benefits and other perks.  So what can you do to reduce turnover in your IT department?


Create Dialogue
The best way to figure out what your IT employees want is to ask them.  Sending survey’s out to your employees is a great way to gauge what they are looking for and what is going to keep them at your company.  You could ask them to rank benefits in order of importance to them.  Also, asking them to rate their current salary and benefits would be a great way to see where you stand.

It is also the job of managers at your organization to stay on top for their employee’s wants and needs.  During one-on-one meetings, status updates or just conversations in the hallway, managers need to have open dialogue with their employees.  An open door policy such as this will encourage employees to come forward with any issues or problems.   They will want to try to make it work with you as opposed to just handing in their two weeks notice.

If you do uncover something that needs to be changed or tweaked, make a concerted effort to change it.  Let the employee know that it is something you are working on and keep them posted about the status.  Having that open communication will show them that you care about their wants, needs and future at the company.  Even if it’s something you can’t deliver on, they will appreciate and respect the fact that you tried.

Engage in their Career
It is extremely important to know what your employee’s career goals are.  Maybe one person wants to gain leadership experience and move up into a manager or director role within your IT department.  There are others though, that are fine staying where they are.  Regardless, you need to know what your employees want in their jobs and help them to achieve it.

You can help your employees achieve their goals by giving them opportunities to advance their knowledge and skills.  With everything in technology changing so quickly, you need to provide your employees with the means to stay up-to-date in their craft.  Providing them with lunch and learns, opportunities to go to conferences and user groups and upgrading to the most current software is important to keep them ahead of the curve.

Investing in your employee's IT certifications is also a great way to show you care about their career.  This will ultimately only help your company as your employees will be on top of all the cutting edge technology. 

Invest in your Employees
One of the biggest reasons IT employees leave for another opportunity is because of their pay.  Stay on top of current salary trends for your IT roles and make sure that your employees are being paid the average rate (or a little over if you really want to keep them).  Have managers review their job duties compared to their salary periodically to make sure you are staying competitive.

After all, hiring a new employee in your IT department can be costly and sometimes increasing an employee’s pay or increasing other discretionary benefits will be cheaper in the long run.  Plus, you will earn a reputation of being a great place to work for not just for your engagement in your employees but also because you invest in your team.

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By: Megan Blair 

Megan Blair | SynergisMegan graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 2007 with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. After college, she started her career in event coordination in Chicago planning corporate and personal events. Her career took her down a corporate marketing path where she gained experience at the leading GPS vehicle tracking company, Navtrak. Megan started with Synergis in 2009 and is enthusiastic about search engine optimization, social media and the IT staffing industry.



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