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Getting Your Dream IT Job Despite Being Overqualified

Posted by Christy Cifreo on Thu, Jan 08, 2015

Today’s job market is unique. Great IT talent is in demand, and more opportunities than ever are available for the right candidates. However, when enthusiastic, talented professionals head into job interviews looking for their next IT career opportunities and are met with an “overqualified” objection, it can be frustrating.

How to overcome the overqualified label

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Remembering Your Manners After Interviewing

Posted by Christy Cifreo on Thu, Apr 21, 2011

Manners: We learned them as a kid and one of the first things we were taught was always say “thank you”.  As an adult I am consistently surprised at how few candidates follow up their interviews with a simple “thank you”.  This is a critical part of the interview process that many candidates unfortunately fail to realize.  In 10+ years of recruiting I have witnessed a simple “thank you”  being the difference in receiving a job offer or receiving a “no thank you” letter.
A few quick tips include:
· Send a “thank you” within 24 hours of your interview(s).  

· We live in an E world, email thank yous are completely acceptable (and a lot easier).  

· Thank yous should be sent to each person you met during your interview

Personalized notes specific to your conversation with individual interviewers is a must!  

Thank you messages provide another opportunity in reiterating your sincere interest with an employer.  It also provides a second opportunity to highlight how your background and achievements make you a good candidate for their role.  Additionally, you now have an opportunity to point out any specific selling points about yourself that may have been neglected during the interview.

If you aren't sure what to write or where to start there are numerous sites online that provide sample thank you messages.   Your recruiter should be happy to review your message, provide input, and proofread your “thank you”
(if they’re not find another recruiter).

Most importantly it's a kind gesture and the right thing to do!  Show potential manager or peers your thoughtfulness, that you appreciated their valuable time and consideration of your candidacy.  It WILL set you apart from those candidates who fail to remember their manners.

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